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Envision Science Academy

Wake Forest NC

The Envision Science Academy, a top performing STEM charter school, is ready to start classes in their new facility. This new facility consolidates the multiple campuses the school had been operating over the previous few years. The ribbon cutting and grand opening ceremony will take place on Thursday, March 9, 2017. Envision Science Academy's new building is a 60,000 SF two story structure constructed to house over 800 students. In order to meet the economic model for the school, keeping construction costs low, a tilt up design was used. This structural system is a particular expertise of BC Construction Group and is often the choice of large scale buildings where high performance, low maintenance and operating costs are key. "Some of the unique site requirements added costs that needed to be off-set by very cost effective building design and construction. Doing this while creating an attractive and durable interior and exterior was the challenge BC and the School were able to meet" said Mark Tomasik - President of BC Construction Group. The facility contains large classrooms/conference rooms and a separate administrative/reception area it also has a multipurpose gymnasium and an outdoor concrete patio for dining.
BC Construction Group is Hiring

BCCG is currently looking for dedicated team members for one of three positions: Assistant Project Manager, Assistant Superintendent, and Project Coordinator. If you are interested, please use the link in the job description to apply.

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Construction Continues at Amcor

The Amcor expansion in New Albany is taking shape. Take a look at this video for a short time-lapse of our cranes at work. To see a continuation of progress, click here.

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