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Mark Tomasik founded BC Construction Group (BCCG) in 2009 with a clear, focused vision. His vision was to bring the best upcoming and veteran construction professionals together to deliver the highest level of service to national clients. The underlining challenge in that vision is that national clients have unique needs for high performance, cost-efficient facility delivery. Mark, a veteran of some of the top U.S. construction firms, had held many roles from pre-construction/estimating through project and corporate management. Because of his broad range of experience it was easy for him to see where design and construction could improve to create better value for clients. Mark created BCCG and immediately started to recruit the team. With the platform in place, he reached out to other like-minded professionals and brought their specialized talents under one roof, knowing this would advance state of the art in design and construction. By creating this team of recognized industry innovators, Mark made his vision a reality.

After it's foundation, BCCG immediately started to serve a group of national developers focusing on warehouse/distribution and manufacturing. These facilities needed to be delivered quickly and in the most predictable, cost-effective way possible. BCCG looked at design and construction techniques with a new view, borrowing ideas from other industries to improve the cost and delivery timing. In one area, the building structure, BCCG worked with the best concrete tilt-up specialists to improve the quality and timing of the structure. This created a higher quality building with lower operating and maintenance costs. Improvements to other building systems have followed as the team of experts grew. BCCGs expertise is constantly being applied in new ways to solve todays facility challenges and to deliver the promised product.

With hundreds of millions of square feet of construction between them, and a wide range of facility types, BCCGs leadership and management experience is impressive. Collectively, our Senior Leadership has an average of 20 years of recent, relevant experience in the industries we serve. BCCG professionals have design and construction experience in Client capital improvement programs ranging to over $2 billion in a single program. Further, our people have held key positions in companies that historically and currently rank in the top 10 percent in the Engineering News Records Top 400 Contractors.

BCCG has experienced consistent and exceptional growth since its inception because of the markets our team can serve. As BCCG has grown, so has its range of market specializations. The company now has significant expertise and experience to serve warehouse/distribution, manufacturing, R&D laboratories, healthcare, senior living, charter education, retail, and the general commercial market. Having a team of leading industry professionals committed to the success of our clients has allowed us to grow at a steady, planned pace.
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Bonnie Cone Classical Academy: Caution, Wet Paint!

BC Construction Group is pleased to report that Bonnie Cone Classical Academy, located in Huntersville, NC, is coming together nicely. The drywall is complete and we are painting the interior. The lighting is currently being installed, and the school co
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Swan Products Expansion Continues

With the west addition to the existing building complete, adding 165,000 sf of warehouse space and a 4,500 sf administration area, construction is well under way for the 124,000 sf east addition. You can see in the photo, we are finishing up the roof in
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